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Dr. M. J. Collier, Jr. speaks with passion and conviction. He

expresses himself powerfully. Words used to describe him
are “persuasive, informative, compelling, authoritative and

He is an inspirational and memorable speaker.
“Whether we are engaging a single person in one on one
discussion or a room with hundreds, our leadership depends
on how well we communicate.”

Dr. Collier has a unique rate and pace of speech and is noted
to positively influence his audience. His animated presentation
style can make even the most common topic seem new
and invigorating.

If you need a dynamic scientific presentation, an engaging
speech with impact, a motivational lecture or a master of
ceremonies that will make your event one to remember,
contact Dr. M. J. Collier, Jr. at:

Medically Speaking, Inc.

1 800 ASK DR MJ

(770) 948-5400 (Office)
medspeaking@gmail.com (E-mail)


Twitter: Hiphopdoc1

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